Saturday, July 7, 2007

First wearable! Top-Down Raglan

The Beginner's Top-Down Raglan KAL

Mine will likely be without the cables and stripes, but this looks easy enough.
Best part, you get to use cheap yarn! I'm trying to decide what color to use. I'm thinking purple, but maybe like a teal color instead. I'll just have to see next time I'm at Michael's.

The raincloud didn't work out.
I need to knit it on the round instead of flat. I figured I would have to, but I just wanted to try. My DPNs are currently holding something else (more on that another time), but whenever they're free I'll start working on the raincloud again.

I'm working on a pattern for a little surprise right now.
Ok, it's not great, but it's cute, and at least I'll be able to share a pattern on Craftster! I always feel bad that I use everyone's patterns, but never come up with one to give back.

Current WIPs:
Grandma's Scarf
Mary Janes

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