Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gauge Problems

I'm knitting my swatch for my House Sweater, and I cannot get the right gauge! First the stitches didn't match up, so I started knitting a little tighter and they were okay, but now the rows aren't matching!

The gauge for the pattern is 22sts and 30rows = 4" in St st on US 6 needles. I keep getting 22sts and 24rows = 4". I'd hate to have to go buy bigger needles. I suppose I could always take these ones back, but I'd much rather change my tension, if that's at all possible.

Anyone have tips on what to do?

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CannonZ said...

that's why i hate gauge!!!

i'm like a super beginner and I have no clue how to help you sorry... i usually skip gauge hehheheheheheh which woudl probably makes me a terrible knitter :D