Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ATTN: Anyone who has any experience with stenciling or iron-on transfers!

Wow, long title.

The picture I want to use:

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(Picture quality sucks, but I'll be using a better, scanned image)

I want it on 2 black shirts and a black tote bag.
However, I want them all exactly the same, so I'll want to do an iron-on transfer, right?
The problem is, the last time I used an iron-on transfer, it was clearly an iron-on transfer. It looked terrible! And It kept peeling off the shirt. Also, I wouldn't be able to wash it, would I? I have no clue.

If you know anything at all about stenciling or iron-on transfers, please help!


*Jaye* said...

Jami, have you tried this yet?

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but HP makes iron-on transfer paper for t-shirts and such and that can be washed.


If you aren't able to order online, I would imagine stores such as Wal*Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, Staples or any large chain office supply would carry this. Call around and have fun!

That's a pretty cool image ;0)

*Jaye* said...

BTW, I used to do a ton of stenciling when my son was little. If you'd rather do that, you have to get tracing paper and a pencil, specifically for iron transfer use (you want a white one!), which are carried at craft stores. The problem will come in with the lettering because it will be backwards, so if you go this route, you want to trace it in a regular No.2 pencil, flip the paper over and re-trace it with the transfer pencil. Then place the image on your fabric and gently place the hot iron on the tracing paper - do not use a back & forth motion! Then you've got to buy the fabric paints, brushes and carefully paint it all in on each t-shirt and the tote bag.

Whew! It's a lot of work, but you know, sometimes it's a lot of fun, too. And the paints really do hold up well. The only problem is, you won't get that 3D look.

thecoffindontwantme said...

Wow, thank you so much for the help!
That iron-on transfer paper looks a lot like what I need.

Did I forget to mention I bought cheap generic Wal*Mart brand last time I tried? =]

Thanks again!